Monday, 3 December 2012

december advent blog

my dearest lady smasha invited me to participate in a december blog advent! doesn't that sound nice? I missed the boat so here is my recap so far!

december 1st  
spent the majority of my day studying vaginas, babies, and the general birthing process, cool eh?
topped off my day of no-nos with skinny girl's white peach margarita
wished it snowed.

december 2nd
the effects of the white peach margarita lingered all day. daniel and i spent the entire day on the couch. with one exception. mad mango. 
okay, maybe two exceptions.
we started and beat all of donkey kong and then watched lawless and I fantasized about having a romance with forrest.

take me now!

december 3rd
exam jam begins! solid 9 hours at the library, including 3 hours of tutoring first years...wheeeeff
thank goodness for the quietness of the Aboriginal center

stay classy!
love robyncam

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