Sunday, 16 December 2012


My life has been quite blah since the 11th, filled with studying, tutoring and tidying up.

so let's start there....

december 11th
Flew to Vancouver. 
I don't know why but I am always terribly worried about missing a flight and I end up at the airport with at least an hour to kill. Is the Kelowna airport EVER busy? No.
So, I did the only sensible thing to do. 
Drank a beer.
I also had the pleasure of spending the evening with my sister Holly, her boy Dan, my bro Matt and his significant Dani, and my parents. 

Can I just take a moment to point out the fact that all of the kids (minus fras) are dating a Dan of sorts?
Holly: Dan
Matt: Dani
Me: Daniel

december 12th
I could have laid on the couch all day if given the opportunity. Thankfully there was a dog to walk, and thus a hike to go on.
One of the most wonderful things about living on Bowen is that our back yard is a playground of wilderness. 
hikes on hikes on hikes.
Also, have you seen American Horror Story?
Its creepy and bizarre and kind of rapey but intriguing at the same time.

december 13th
Let's just say I was happy it wasn't Friday,
I spent the evening on the island alone with the pups and two cats. Aka cuddle heaven.
I had a candlelit bubble bath, drank some peppermint tea, and enjoyed the silence.
Oh, I also ate an entire pizza to myself, and enjoyed every last bite.
That is, until the minor touch of food poisoning from earlier in the day wreaked havoc on my insides.

rufus & annie are my homies

this plate knows how I feel about pizza

december 14th
two words: homemade gifts

he's just like oliver
december 15th
The annual nogfest on Gibson's landing.
I dont know what I was thinking, but didn't bring any sensible appetizers that I could eat and filled myself with crackers and hummus for 8 hours.
My parents got wasted and acted like teenagers again while I was appointed DD.
My step dad Peter, his brother and sister, and my mother sure know how to have a good time.
Two grown men with their sister sandwiched in the backseat drinking out of a flask and smoking a one-hitter.
Peter also smuggled the dog on board and wrapped her up in a blanket and pretended she was an ugly baby.

On a side note, I miss mouse so much.

Stay classy kelowna!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

have a merry merry merry

december 4th
justified ending my night of studying a little early for some donkey kong deux. 
I dont remember it being so hard?
watched new girl, smash, I totally agree, I feel like all the episodes have just been filled with yelling? I want to see Nick in a sweater, smoking a cigar, and yelling on the phone about money again.
those were the good old days

december 5th
I baked bread!
whole wheat with flax seedz and rosemary. 

december 6th
have you ever studied so hard for an exam, like 12 hours in one spot study, like, pretty sure you might as well just already have a phd in the subject?
and then bomb it?
well that happened to me.
that feeling of such disappointment mixed with shame and anger just makes a girl wanna cry
and then emotionally eat
so thats what I did.
okay, I didn't cry, but I definitely went to mad mango.

at least I've got these two to cheer me up.
olivia and her oliver-cat-hat.

stay classy kelowna,

Monday, 3 December 2012

december advent blog

my dearest lady smasha invited me to participate in a december blog advent! doesn't that sound nice? I missed the boat so here is my recap so far!

december 1st  
spent the majority of my day studying vaginas, babies, and the general birthing process, cool eh?
topped off my day of no-nos with skinny girl's white peach margarita
wished it snowed.

december 2nd
the effects of the white peach margarita lingered all day. daniel and i spent the entire day on the couch. with one exception. mad mango. 
okay, maybe two exceptions.
we started and beat all of donkey kong and then watched lawless and I fantasized about having a romance with forrest.

take me now!

december 3rd
exam jam begins! solid 9 hours at the library, including 3 hours of tutoring first years...wheeeeff
thank goodness for the quietness of the Aboriginal center

stay classy!
love robyncam

Sunday, 18 November 2012

om nom nom

food adventures continued...

Something about the changing seasons just makes me want to curl up in an XXL sweater with tea & my kitty, and bake. I become such a homebody at this time of year. I've seriously become obsessed with cooking. I mean, we all know I was already obsessed with food and eating. But now I am loving finding new recipes and cooking, usually accompanied with a soulful playlist. I find myself constantly in the kitchen. What can I bake? What can I make? Should I organize my food again? 

I satisfied my mac & cheese craving. This is one for the books. I may have had a mini orgasm.

Nicole and I made an unreal pad thai and curry dish! yumm. I just need to accomplish making a vegan fish sauce and then I am set!

Daniel & I went to vancouver two weekends ago and boy, did we eat good. We had a mexican inspired night and made tacos. not just regular plain old tacos. hard shell tacos wrapped in soft shell tacos, sandwiched with refried beans. We roasted chickpeas and cooked up some fake ground beef. om nom nom is an understatement.

We went to Cafe Deux Soliel and had the teriyaki tofu scramble. This was a much needed hangover cure after a disappointing night of Neil Young. (*waaah)

I didn't think that it could be done. eat vegan and have you pulled pork too? yeah right. Well it's true. The "pork" is made from this bizarre asian delight called Jackfruit. This was a savoury, messy and wonderful meal.

I baked bread! Daniel's mom gave us a breadmaker and this was my first attempt at breadmaker bread. It turned out wonderfully. I also made a "cheese & onion" bread, which was a treat.

Have you ever heard of sunchokes? AKA jerusalem artichokes? Neither had I. Well, you cook them up like a potato. I roasted some onion with them. They have an earthy, nutty flavour with a creamy, soft potato inside. I don't know if I am sold, but they were definitely interesting.

butternut squash and leek risotto! we found another way to have leeks. Daniel loves risotto, but I dont quite share this love. He freaked out about this meal. I'm gonna need a REAL good risotto to win me over.

Cabbage wedges. OMFG. NEW OBSESSION. girls, this is deliciously amazing and to die for. plus cabbage is hella good for you. I made a lime/garlic drizzle to go on top. fuck, my mouth is watering just thinking about it (and I just ate it an hour ago)...

Are you sick of seeing what I eat?

stay classy kelowna!

Monday, 5 November 2012

food adventures!


would you like to see what I have been eating recently? if not, too bad. 

have you experimented with leeks? they are like a garlicy-oniony dream come true! I'm absolutely hooked! I made a roasted red pepper sauce to go on top which consisted of roasted red pepper hummus and a vegan mayo...mmmmm this was a divine meal

This weekend, I made my first ever homemade veggie burgers! I combined butternut squash, quinoa, carrots, garlic, onions, oats, pinto beans and spices. Initially they were too runny, but Nicole saved the day and we added some more oats and they held together beautifully! We even made some vegan bacon and topped it off with pea sprouts, avocado and sriracha!

next on the menu, we have one of our all time new favorites ever! Tofu in a spicy peanut sauce, served on top of quinoa with a side of gomae..!!! absolute HEAVEN... I went a little overboard on the scallions, but who can blame me?

Hope you've enjoyed taking a look into the foods I've been eating! 

stay classy kelowna!
love robyncam

Friday, 26 October 2012

vegan chocolate ice cream!

hey guys!

I made my first vegan delight! chocolate ice cream. uhm...yum! 

(just frozen banana, avocado and cocoa powder in a food processor)

Daniel and I have been cooking yummy vegan meals too, last night we had spaghetti squash and spinach salad. delish.

I started ordering urban harvest again a while ago too, so I am able to experiment with lots of new veggies that I would never have thought to buy from the store. such as kohlrabi. have you guys had kohlrabi? fuck that shit is good! Its so good raw, plus when you chop it up and make kohlrabi fries, it sort of makes you want to orgasm. PLUS, did you know that you can take the funny looking leaves off the top and saute them up with a little oil and they are like melty crunchie heaven in your mouth? hit that shit UP!

my fave part about kohlrabi is that it fully looks like an alien species.

lots of love,
stay classy kelowna!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

good morning!

I used to consider myself a dog person. strictly. When sash, jess, nicole, jenna...etc would gush about their cats, in my head I'd be thinking, "dear god, you guys are crazy"... I mean, fuck, yeah i enjoy a good youtube cat video. have you met maru? we're tight. but owning a cat of my own, that'd be unheard of!

but, OH.MY.GOD. i'm in love. I never knew i could feel this way about anything. songs sound better, food tastes better, i even love my boyfriend more, all thanks to mouse. Sometimes I want to squeeze her little head so hard that her eyes will pop out, but I refrain..

we're in love and i couldn't be happier. 

stay classy kelowna!