Sunday, 18 November 2012

om nom nom

food adventures continued...

Something about the changing seasons just makes me want to curl up in an XXL sweater with tea & my kitty, and bake. I become such a homebody at this time of year. I've seriously become obsessed with cooking. I mean, we all know I was already obsessed with food and eating. But now I am loving finding new recipes and cooking, usually accompanied with a soulful playlist. I find myself constantly in the kitchen. What can I bake? What can I make? Should I organize my food again? 

I satisfied my mac & cheese craving. This is one for the books. I may have had a mini orgasm.

Nicole and I made an unreal pad thai and curry dish! yumm. I just need to accomplish making a vegan fish sauce and then I am set!

Daniel & I went to vancouver two weekends ago and boy, did we eat good. We had a mexican inspired night and made tacos. not just regular plain old tacos. hard shell tacos wrapped in soft shell tacos, sandwiched with refried beans. We roasted chickpeas and cooked up some fake ground beef. om nom nom is an understatement.

We went to Cafe Deux Soliel and had the teriyaki tofu scramble. This was a much needed hangover cure after a disappointing night of Neil Young. (*waaah)

I didn't think that it could be done. eat vegan and have you pulled pork too? yeah right. Well it's true. The "pork" is made from this bizarre asian delight called Jackfruit. This was a savoury, messy and wonderful meal.

I baked bread! Daniel's mom gave us a breadmaker and this was my first attempt at breadmaker bread. It turned out wonderfully. I also made a "cheese & onion" bread, which was a treat.

Have you ever heard of sunchokes? AKA jerusalem artichokes? Neither had I. Well, you cook them up like a potato. I roasted some onion with them. They have an earthy, nutty flavour with a creamy, soft potato inside. I don't know if I am sold, but they were definitely interesting.

butternut squash and leek risotto! we found another way to have leeks. Daniel loves risotto, but I dont quite share this love. He freaked out about this meal. I'm gonna need a REAL good risotto to win me over.

Cabbage wedges. OMFG. NEW OBSESSION. girls, this is deliciously amazing and to die for. plus cabbage is hella good for you. I made a lime/garlic drizzle to go on top. fuck, my mouth is watering just thinking about it (and I just ate it an hour ago)...

Are you sick of seeing what I eat?

stay classy kelowna!

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