Thursday, 6 December 2012

have a merry merry merry

december 4th
justified ending my night of studying a little early for some donkey kong deux. 
I dont remember it being so hard?
watched new girl, smash, I totally agree, I feel like all the episodes have just been filled with yelling? I want to see Nick in a sweater, smoking a cigar, and yelling on the phone about money again.
those were the good old days

december 5th
I baked bread!
whole wheat with flax seedz and rosemary. 

december 6th
have you ever studied so hard for an exam, like 12 hours in one spot study, like, pretty sure you might as well just already have a phd in the subject?
and then bomb it?
well that happened to me.
that feeling of such disappointment mixed with shame and anger just makes a girl wanna cry
and then emotionally eat
so thats what I did.
okay, I didn't cry, but I definitely went to mad mango.

at least I've got these two to cheer me up.
olivia and her oliver-cat-hat.

stay classy kelowna,

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