Friday, 26 October 2012

vegan chocolate ice cream!

hey guys!

I made my first vegan delight! chocolate ice cream. uhm...yum! 

(just frozen banana, avocado and cocoa powder in a food processor)

Daniel and I have been cooking yummy vegan meals too, last night we had spaghetti squash and spinach salad. delish.

I started ordering urban harvest again a while ago too, so I am able to experiment with lots of new veggies that I would never have thought to buy from the store. such as kohlrabi. have you guys had kohlrabi? fuck that shit is good! Its so good raw, plus when you chop it up and make kohlrabi fries, it sort of makes you want to orgasm. PLUS, did you know that you can take the funny looking leaves off the top and saute them up with a little oil and they are like melty crunchie heaven in your mouth? hit that shit UP!

my fave part about kohlrabi is that it fully looks like an alien species.

lots of love,
stay classy kelowna!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

good morning!

I used to consider myself a dog person. strictly. When sash, jess, nicole, jenna...etc would gush about their cats, in my head I'd be thinking, "dear god, you guys are crazy"... I mean, fuck, yeah i enjoy a good youtube cat video. have you met maru? we're tight. but owning a cat of my own, that'd be unheard of!

but, OH.MY.GOD. i'm in love. I never knew i could feel this way about anything. songs sound better, food tastes better, i even love my boyfriend more, all thanks to mouse. Sometimes I want to squeeze her little head so hard that her eyes will pop out, but I refrain..

we're in love and i couldn't be happier. 

stay classy kelowna!

Monday, 22 October 2012


as some of you may know, i stopped eating meat again a few months ago and it's been great!
so, whats the next step?
well, daniel and I have decided to embark upon a new journey: vegan-ism!
to be honest, i'm pretty excited about trying something new and exploring so many new recipes.
as of right now we havent decided how strict we will be to begin with, we figure we wont buy anything that isn't vegan, but if we come to your house for food we won't ask if you cooked the carrots in know?

if you're wondering what spawned this idea, we've been thinking about it for a while, plus i'm taking a philosophy class that talks about the science of well being (animals included), plus i like the environment, plus this website..

i plan on posting some of the new yummy meals we cook and goodies we bake!

well, wish me luck!
oh, and if you could try not to eat a grilled cheese or ice cream sandwich in front of me in the first few weeks i'll love you forever.

om nom nom nom nom

stay classy kelowna,