Monday, 5 November 2012

food adventures!


would you like to see what I have been eating recently? if not, too bad. 

have you experimented with leeks? they are like a garlicy-oniony dream come true! I'm absolutely hooked! I made a roasted red pepper sauce to go on top which consisted of roasted red pepper hummus and a vegan mayo...mmmmm this was a divine meal

This weekend, I made my first ever homemade veggie burgers! I combined butternut squash, quinoa, carrots, garlic, onions, oats, pinto beans and spices. Initially they were too runny, but Nicole saved the day and we added some more oats and they held together beautifully! We even made some vegan bacon and topped it off with pea sprouts, avocado and sriracha!

next on the menu, we have one of our all time new favorites ever! Tofu in a spicy peanut sauce, served on top of quinoa with a side of gomae..!!! absolute HEAVEN... I went a little overboard on the scallions, but who can blame me?

Hope you've enjoyed taking a look into the foods I've been eating! 

stay classy kelowna!
love robyncam

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