Friday, 26 October 2012

vegan chocolate ice cream!

hey guys!

I made my first vegan delight! chocolate ice cream. uhm...yum! 

(just frozen banana, avocado and cocoa powder in a food processor)

Daniel and I have been cooking yummy vegan meals too, last night we had spaghetti squash and spinach salad. delish.

I started ordering urban harvest again a while ago too, so I am able to experiment with lots of new veggies that I would never have thought to buy from the store. such as kohlrabi. have you guys had kohlrabi? fuck that shit is good! Its so good raw, plus when you chop it up and make kohlrabi fries, it sort of makes you want to orgasm. PLUS, did you know that you can take the funny looking leaves off the top and saute them up with a little oil and they are like melty crunchie heaven in your mouth? hit that shit UP!

my fave part about kohlrabi is that it fully looks like an alien species.

lots of love,
stay classy kelowna!

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